CfpNbn6WcAASlV2MRT – THE FIRST AND ONLY KEVLAR RACE TIRE MILITARY STRENGTH. Designed through Race Teams we deliver the highest quality and most innovative tires on the Market today. MOTO RACE TIRE developed the first and only Triple Belted Sidewall Tire using KEVLAR ARMOR BELT. They are lightweight and provide Run Flat protection combined with Strength and Speed on the track! Never let a flat change your day again. MOTO RACE TIRE IS THE BEST “ANTI PUNCTURE TIRE MADE WITH “ARMORBELT” PROTECTION.  OUR KEVLAR TRIPLE BELT QUALITY IS DESIGNED AND BUILT TO OUT LAST OUR COMPETITION GUARENTEED!

FOCUSED QUALITY TEAMS: Our Teams test in ALL Race Conditions, we modify our tire components based on driving feedback on, compound, Side Bite, tread depth, side wall thickness, Bead Wrap and ANTI PUNCTURE until our Race Drivers determine the tire is the BEST, taking up to 16 months before we release a MOTO RACE TIRE MOTO RACE TIRE Provides the best Compound, Size and Belting Material for all Race and Riding Conditions.

Racing Team Designed Quality Off-Road ATV and UTV Tires – REVIEWS & WRITEUPS

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13254577_10154304161668969_7623087688119248882_nCommitment to Quality

TRA Anti Puncture Testing
FEA Simulation Testing
SEAJ Mechanical Testing
DOT Approved Manufacturing
VIA Approved Manufacturing
JWL Approved Manufacturing
ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing